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I’m a graphic designer based in Charleston, SC.

I have an associate degree in Applied Science in Commercial Graphics at Trident Technical College. I'm currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in graphic design with SNHU online. I specialize in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign.

My Work

Click the images to view my work in full!

BEAUTAZA 8-Page Spread - Magazine

A personal project of mine. The challenge was to figure out how to arrange the articles and the photos in a dynamic way. I had total reign of creativity and went with a beauty magazine.

Opposites Word Art - Book

Three pairs of opposites. Two designs for each pair. The only challenge here: no graphics!

TTC Exit Portfolio Show - Poster

This was a poster I did for the 2022 Exit Poster Show at Trident Technical College. My poster was chosen by the TTC faculty and staff to promote the event.

Onyx Fitness Equipment - App Design

This is a phone app design I created for a fictitious brand I created called "Onyx Fitness Equipment". I used Adobe XD which specializes in UX/UI design.

Milk Advertisement - Package Design

This is a milk advertisement for a milk carton I designed. I used Adobe Illustrator to create the design and transferred it into Adobe Dimension to put it on a 3-Dimensional rendered form.